What is Speakol?

With Speakol you’re a few clicks away from engaging a special kind of community on your website.

Speakol - Speak Out Loud - was originally launched in 2012 as Naqeshny (meaning debate with me in Arabic), in the midst of the Egyptian Revolution. It was designed as a free, democratic and open platform which facilitated healthy and critical political debates and discussions around socio-political conditions within the country.

Speakol helps you - the media publisher or brand - build a social community of debaters around your content, driving real-time engagement and interaction on any topic on your site.

10 Benefits of Using Speakol

  1. 1. Seamlessly create a user profile via our easy to use registration page.

  2. 2. Straight forward integration into any CMS via embeddable HTML codes.

  3. 3. Create debates and comparisons related to your published content via our well structured and user friendly interface.

  4. 4. Enhance, change and encourage user interaction with your content and gain invaluable and measurable sentiment around any topic that you publish.

  5. 5. Easily share debates to traditional social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  6. 6. Access analytical data instantly via our simple to use dashboard.

  7. 7. Retain users of your website via convenient user notification systems.

  8. 8. Use alongside your existing commenting systems (not to replace them).

  9. 9. Easily remove with no impact on your website functionality.

  10. 10. Free to use (premium subscriptions with enhanced services to launch within 6-12 months).

Speakol Social Network...COMING SOON!

Speakol will soon be launching a social network where users can create, join and spread topical debates and discussions with your friends and networks.

Inside Speakol, you can create, join and share:

  1. 1. Debates

    Create and join discussions around topics of your choice, pick a side and support your views.

  2. 2. Comparisons

    Create comparisons on anything from political parties to tech gadgets, vote among up to four items and explain your opinions.